About Xinzhongbao

Zhenjiang Xinzhongbao Electronic Co., Ltd, is a manufacturer specialized in producing and selling all kinds of TIME PRODUCTS. We were founded in 1998 as a factory, since 2003 on we export our products to overseas market. With 8 years experience, now we have a group of Stable customers all over the world, especially in Europe.
The company has 100 workers and 20 engineers. It occupies 10000 square meters of ground area and owns 3000 square meters of standardized building.
This company mainly produces tool appurtenances, quartz clock movement, quartz clock, alarm clock, wall clock, art clock, LED & LCD digital calendar and laser ranging relay etc. Some of its products have already found a good market in Europe,   Southeast Asia, and Middle East.
For the long-term development, this company has applied for patents of 32 different products, and now owns ISO9000 quality certificate. Some of its products have passed ROHS and CE test.

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